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10 Reasons to Vote Coach Curt Wiese for Coach of the Year

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10 Reasons to Vote Coach Curt Wiese for Coach of the Year

We’ve emailed you about it. We’ve tweeted about it. And now here we are, blogging about it.

Head football Coach Curt Wiese is in the running for Liberty Mutual’s Coach of the Year, and currently sits at 6th place. We know we can do better than that, Bulldogs! You might be asking, “Why should I vote for Coach Wiese? In fact, why should I vote at all? What is this Coach of the Year thing, anyways?”

Here’s the short and sweet of what Coach of the Year is all about:
– The Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award recognizes college football coaches who demonstrate Responsibility, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Excellence both on and off the field.
– Now in its eighth year, the award is endorsed by the College Football Hall of Fame.
– The program awards one winning coach from each NCAA division (I-FBS, I-FCS, II, and III) with $50,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, a $20,000 grant to each school’s alumni association, and the Coach of the Year trophy.

Still not convinced? Here are the Top 10 Absolute Best Reasons why you should vote for Coach Wiese.

1.) Only coaches in the Top 15 after fan voting in each division are eligible to win the award (and Coach Wiese is currently ranked 6th for Division II).


2.) The award is ultimately given to a coach who demonstrates Responsibility, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Excellence both on and off the field.


3.) What if we told you Liberty Mutual will donate $50,000 to the favorite charity of each winner and another $20,000 to their school’s alumni association? That’s right! UMD and the Duluth community could win $70,000 total. In fact, the $20,000 that would be awarded to the UMD Alumni Association would be put towards student scholarships (like the UMD Alumni Association Scholarship) and programming (like an all-alumni Homecoming Reunion or making the end-of-year Grad Party even bigger and better for our graduating seniors!).


4.) For his first year as Head Football Coach with the UMD Bulldogs, Coach Wiese entered the postseason with a 10-1 record, and they’re showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Winning Coach of the Year would be a cherry on top of the sundae for his outstanding leadership. (We can only hope a championship is also in the cards!)


5.) Though the coaches take home a trophy, the real winners are each coach’s favorite charity (or charities. They can choose more than one!).


6.) Fan votes are a critical component of the formula that determines the finalists in each division.


7.) Have you seen the Coach of the Year trophy? It’s pretty cool!


8.) Coach Bob Nielson won this exact contest in 2010. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say UMD has not just one, but two, Liberty Mutual Coaches of the Year?


9.) Your votes makes a difference. If you didn’t vote, there wouldn’t be a contest to begin with!



Are you ready to cast your vote now?

It’s so easy to vote for Coach Wiese! Just follow these simple steps, and we’re on our way to boasting another Coach of the Year at UMD!

1.) Before you vote the first time, you must ‘Like’ Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year on Facebook.
2.) After initially liking the page, you can vote directly through the Coach of the Year website as outlined below.
3.) Go to (or to the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Facebook page).
4.) Type in the name of your school or coach (Curt Wiese).
5.) Click on the box under the banner that says “Vote Now” with the green football field background.
6.) Click ‘Vote via Facebook’. (It’s a light blue bar towards the bottom of your screen.)
7.) Click OK.
8.) Congratulations! You have voted. Now, vote once every day at between now and December 3rd. (Yikes…there’s not much time left!)