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A Brick to Remember

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A Brick to Remember

UMD’s Stadium Apartments are 40-years old, and they are coming down. Many Bulldogs began their young adult lives in these apartments. According to our UMD Alumni Association social media comments, there are a number of our peeps interested in preserving their memories of Stadium Apartments. We took notice and thank you for sharing your thoughts on Facebook. Do we have a deal for you! If you lived in the Stadium Apartments or know someone who did, purchase a unique gift that will live on for decades. Perfect for the mantle or as a conversation starter on a coffee table, own a piece of our campus history. Individual bricks that shaped and sheltered countless students are available for purchase.

On each brick, a metal plate with the name of the residence hall and the duration of its presence on campus (December 1973 – May 2013) is affixed. This attractive timepiece is only $25 per brick. The price includes the nameplate, the brick, and postage so if you live in San Francisco, Calif. or Washington D.C., or Tampa Bay, Fl., the price remains the same.

Interested in purchasing a commemorative Stadium Brick? Order yours online here or call (866) 726-7164 to purchase it over the phone!

Brick Photo 1
Example of what a Stadium Brick will look like with the nameplate on the front.

Stadium Apartment Demolition: What’s Next?
Originally known as Single Student Housing, the building was named Stadium Apartments in June 1973. The building has remained empty since the end of spring semester in 2013. Demolition should have started in January 2014 but with subzero temperatures, the schedule has been delayed. (Read more about the end of an era for UMD’s campus.)

Currently, the building still stands, but why would UMD flatten a building? The answer, in a nutshell, is because there’s no other option. Code, accessibility, and trout are the trifecta that will bring Stadium Apartments down.

“Back in 2008, we contracted with an architectural firm for a renovation study to see how much it would cost to bring Stadium Apartments up to code. The answer was $12-millon,” explained John Weiske, director of UMD’s housing. “We also found out that we would lose space because the bathrooms need to be handicap accessible.” But, expansion is not an option because the trout in nearby Tischer Creek are a protected species.

In order to continue to fulfill UMD’s mission to remain green, very little debris was brought to local landfills: all of Stadium Apartment materials were sold or reused. “The demolition was done as sustainably as possible,” explained John Kessler, the project manager for the apartment’s demolition. Fire alarm panels and water heaters were reused; cement blocks and bricks were ground and recycled with two pallets of bricks reserved for interested alumni to purchase. “UMD is doing this responsibly,” commends Mindy Granley, UMD’s Sustainability coordinator.

It’s not just the materials from Stadium Apartments that were recycled. “We reused desks, couches, and chairs in other UMD buildings,” said Kessler. “Four or five semi loads of dressers, wardrobes, coffee tables, lamps, and dining room tables went to Goodwill.”

Marge Bray, executive director of Goodwill Industries, said the donation was appreciated. “The greatest impact with UMD’s donation was the volume of goods, which provided employment and helped our inventory. The value-priced furniture for our customers was definitely needed. Throughout the winter months, incoming furniture donations are usually limited.”

But what will replace Stadium Apartments? Rebuilding close to Tischer Creek is touchy and involves a lot of outside agencies. It may be a while before we read the last chapter in Stadium’s story. Even when that happens, because of the donation to Goodwill, the reuse of materials, and the commemorative bricks purchased by and for alumni, memories of the Stadium Apartment legacy will live on for many years.

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