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Congratulations — You Survived Networking Night!

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Congratulations — You Survived Networking Night!

Did you attend UMD Networking Night? Did you return home from the networking event and weren’t sure what to do with those business cards you received? Well, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for an internship, a new job or growing your business or all of the above, effective networking follow-up is a skill that can help you achieve your goals!

Here are some suggestions of what to do:

1.) Google Their Name
You’d be amazed at what you can find by Googling a person. You can find additional information to help you with reasons to connect — or not to do so. This info can be help with all steps on this list.

2.) Make Notes On What Happened at the Event
Record your thoughts and create a list of actions to implement.

3.) Write an Email
Indicate you enjoyed meeting them and why it makes sense to keep chatting.

4.) Ask Them What They Thought of the Event
Start a dialogue to stay in touch, if no need to meet.

5.) Connect with a LinkedIn Invitation
Include a note that you enjoyed meeting at the event where you did indeed meet.

6.) Suggest a 15-Minute Phone Call
Ask via email, and be clear on the purpose and hot it can benefit you both to do so.

7.) Call the Person
Indicate you enjoyed meeting them and would like to keep the conversation going. Ask if they prefer to schedule a phone chat or coffee meeting as a follow-up.

8.) Propose a Face-to-Face Meeting Over Coffee
Show interest right out of the gate in what they do and who they are with the contacts that have the most potential, who interests you most, or with whom it simply makes sense.

9.) Follow the Person on Twitter
This can provide real time data to improve the content of your communication.

10.) Connect on Facebook
Only if you see a personal connection outside of work and/or it makes sense.

11.) Do Not Automatically Add Them to Any Email
Instead, send an email asking if they would like to join your email list, since you thought, based on your conversation, the content may be of interest. Don’t spam!

12.) Enter the Information into your Contact Management System
A contact made today, may not being you business today, but that person may be the resource you needed (or needed you) for a situation in the future.

13.) See How You Can Introduce Two People Who Can Help Each Other
Ask to make the connection. It’s good karma, as you are always rememebred as the person who made the introduction.

14.) Thank the Host of the Event
A great way to start a connection that you did not have before.

15.) Ideally Make Contact Within 48 Hours
Don’t fail to reach out if it is later than that time frame. It might turn out well reaching out 6 months after the initial meeting, but this is not recommended at all.

16.) Look for People who can Influence your Business or Job Search
Influencers are more impactful than direct clients or hiring managers, since they introduce many opportunities.

17.) Search for collaborators and Joint Venture Partners
The best way to grow is by collaborating with others.

18.) Send an Article or Book Reference in an Email or Snail Mail
This will show that you listened to the conversation.

Networking can take time and energy if you let it, or it can be integrated into your daily activities with a simple change in mindset to be more effortless. A small, consistent investment of time each week can pay off huge dividends in the future for you and your network. Take some of the actions above and see the good that happens…Good luck!

According to a study from CareerXRoads, more than 27% of external hires in America are from referrals. In fact, its the top external sources of hires today.

According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals. A Nielson Study cited clients are four times more likely to buy when being referred from someone they know and trust.

So we know why we network, but what do you do to follow up after a networking event? After all, it’s what you do after the event that matters, as that is where the real work begins!