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Create a UMD Family Legacy – It’s Worth the Investment

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Create a UMD Family Legacy – It’s Worth the Investment

UMD has one of the best lifetime returns on investment, according to Affordable Colleges Online, a resource for college affordability. It found that UMD grads are among the most likely to have the widest earnings gap between non-degree holders over 30 years and earn more on average than graduates from many other peer schools. AC Online analyzed 145 colleges in Minnesota and named UMD as one of the top three public institutions and seventh overall.

“We are dedicated to providing quality education that prepares students for meaningful careers and are proud that UMD is being recognized for accomplishing this,” said Lendley “Lynn” Black, UMD Chancellor.

Encouraging your children and grandchildren to enroll at UMD could have other financial benefits as well. The UMD Alumni Association Scholarship is awarded each year to several deserving sophomore, junior or senior status students. This endowed scholarship, created for children and grandchildren of UMD alumni, also provides leadership opportunities and is made possible through the generous gifts from alumni and friends of UMD. For information on the application process or to donate, please click here.

In addition, for students residing outside the state of Minnesota, the Alumni Scholarship is awarded to non-resident, non-reciprocity students who have a parent or grandparent who graduated from UMD. Recipients will pay current Minnesota resident tuition and is renewable subject to good academic standing.

Affordable Colleges Online developed the following criteria for consideration as a “High ROI College:”
– Fully accredited institution
– Either public or private
– Four-year, degree-granting institution
– ROI according to PayScale’s 2013 College Value Report

See where UMD sits in the Rankings of the Highest ROI Colleges in Minnesota: