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Day 11 – Gold

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The other half to our favorite color combination: Gold. Shiny, bright, and often associated with being #1 (everyone dreams of winning a gold Olympic medal at one point or another in their life, right?).

What do you think about when you see the tried-and-true maroon and gold? Bulldogs, of course! Glistening maroon jerseys running back and forth across Malosky Field, the gold Bulldog head skating up and down the ice at AMSOIL, the maroon and gold striped shirts of the UMD Pep Band.

But what about the arts? Broad gold brushstrokes across the canvas, a, Oscar-gold moment on the stage of the Marshall Performing Arts Center stage, or the sheen of a trumpet from the Weber stage…they, too, are a part of the proud Bulldog maroon and gold. When’s the last time you saw a show at the UMD Theater? The 2013-2014 season is a fantastic one. We definitely encourage you to check it out!

Day 11 - Gold

Day 11 – Gold