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Day 18 – Stockings

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Okay, so they’re not exactly stockings. We feel they could be considered a mini version of a traditional holiday stocking. Besides, how could you not like something this small and adorable? So cute! It’s never too early to start the flame that will turn into a blazing fire of maroon and gold Bulldog Spirit!

With a Bulldog head on each little foot, no one will mistake your little one for being anything but a Bulldog! Plus, it’ll keep their toes toasty warm during Duluth’s cold winters. Have a set of twins? Mix and match the booties as often as you’d like! It’s even better if the washing machine decides to eat one of a pair. Maroon and gold always go together, so no one will look twice at one gold and one maroon bootie on their foot.

Day 18 - Stockings

Day 18 – Stockings