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Day 19 – Candy Cane

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In case you haven’t noticed already, we’re a sucker for anything maroon and gold. Well….JUST about anything maroon and gold as long as it has a Bulldog on it or can be attached to it. (No Gophers allowed!)

So it should at no surprise that when we stumbled upon “maroon” and gold candy canes, we certainly couldn’t pass them up! They were a bit sour, but they looked really pretty in a small glass jar on the corner of our desks. How long they remained, we can’t reveal, but pretty looking isn’t the only thing they had going for them. Sour? Yes. Delicious? You bet!

Day 19 - Candy Cane 2

But then we jump to the opposite side of the spectrum, and we found this pin. While not a traditional Bulldog head or UMD logo, it still bears our alma mater colors and would be completely appropriate for any Bulldog fan to wear. What unusual maroon and gold items do you own?

Day 19 - Candy Cane

Day 19 – Candy Cane