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Day 20 – Tree Topper

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It’s tradition for a holiday tree to have some sort of topper on it. Stars, angels, a crystal ball, and a beloved fictional character are all things we’ve seen sitting a top trees. But not here. Here in the Alumni Office, we have a very special guy sitting at the very top of one of our trees. It’s Champ, of course!

On a tree adorned with maroon and gold ball ornaments and wrapped with gold string lights, our little Champ is right at home on top of the Alumni Relations’ tree. Our student worker, Becca, is a whiz at knitting, so she knit him a stocking cap to match his UMD jersey. Word is a pair of mittens is also in the works to complete his tree-topping look.

What type of tree topper do you have?

Day 20 - Tree Topper

Day 20 – Tree Topper