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Day 22 – Tradition

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There are a lot of traditions here at UMD: Greek life chariot races during half-time at the Homecoming football game, tailgating outside of Malosky before every home football game, the student section at both men’s and women’s hockey games, pulling all-nighters for finals which start in the UMD Library, and many, many other things.

Did you know when you toured UMD as a prospective student you took part in one often looked over UMD tradition? Hanging in the UMD Library atrium, a famous sculpture hangs from the ceiling. The piece was done by Dale Chihuly, and his glass sculpture is entitled “Clear and Silver Chandelier,” so-called because silver was melted into the glass medium as it was blown. You’ve walked under it and passed it on the 2nd floor of the library a hundred and one times, right? Did you know if you stand in the center circle directly underneath Chihuly’s work and speak, you will hear your voice echoing all around you (and loudly), but to everyone else, you will be speaking at a normal voice level. It’s incredible!

Next time you’re at UMD’s Library, take a stand in that circle under the sculpture, and talk to yourself. Sounds crazy, yes, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s an experience every UMD Bulldogs has to have (even if you experienced it before officially becoming a UMD Bulldog)!

Day 22 - Tradition

Day 22 – Tradition