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Day 26 – Grateful

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UMD wasn’t always the university that it is today. It wasn’t even originally a part of the U of M university system! Originally known as the Duluth State Teachers College, the university didn’t offer nearly as many choices in what a student could major in. A student could also fund themselves all the way though a four-year degree with a summer job and an eye towards savings. The athletics, the clubs, Greek Life, the faculty…all of it was incredibly different back in the mid-1920s.

The earliest yearbook the Alumni Office has on its bookshelves is from 1926, and it’s a slim, little book, filled mostly with the pictures of students, and if no photos, a long-running list of names. Fast forward to 1970 when the last yearbook for UMD was published. It’s thick, hard-cover, and the photos inside are in color. It’s a huge leap from 1926! But why is all this important? Because it’s UMD’s history, and without the events, clubs, and people who fill the pages of all those yearbooks, UMD would not be the place it is today without them.

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Day 26 – Grateful