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Day 27 – Night Time

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Just like we said a few days ago, morning’s in Duluth are a special treat rewarding those brave enough to wake up in the wee hours of the day. On the flip side, night time holds its own sort of magic for the Northland. Walking along the boardwalk on a warm summer night? Pretty remarkable.

We’re betting more of us are night owls than early-bird risers, and Lake Superior has a few surprises for you, too. Have you ever seen a full moon reflected off the blue waters of the great superior lake? If you’re feeling especially brave, the Duluth waterfront is something to completely different at 3 am. No seagulls screeching or traffic crossing the Aerial Lift Bridge. There’s an eerie quiet on the harbor. One can hear the inner workings of the ships as they pass through the canal and listen to the waves slap the breakwater.

If you’re going to experience it for yourself, we’d suggest waiting until it’s warmer. Like 50 degrees warmer.

Day 27 - Night Time

Day 27 – Night Time