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Day 29 – Sky View

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We don’t mean to sound melancholy when we say what we’re about to say, but how can it be possible that December is so close to be over? Add on top of that, the year is almost over! How is this possible? Many great things have happened in the past 12 months, and its in thank to you, our alumni and friends. Without you, there wouldn’t be an alumni association. As we head into 2014, we hope you’ll keep in touch with us and UMD.

And if you haven’t been in touch for a while, send us a quick note at and let us know what you’ve been up to lately. New baby in the family, recently married to your sweetheart, a new job or promotion, a published book or article, opened a new business, or finally made the decision to retire…whatever the latest happenings in your life, we want to know! No bit of news is too small, and plus, we love hearing from each and every one of you.

Just in case you haven’t been up to visit Duluth in a while, here’s today’s photo from Bulldog Country. We hope it reminds of the city’s beauty, and the great years you spent here. Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog.

Day 29 - Sky View

Day 29 – Sky View