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Day 30 – Winter Wonderland

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Duluth is famous for many things – the aerial lift bridge, beautiful fall colors, a host of fantastic restaurants and breweries – but it recently gained some notoriety as one of the 10 best snowboarding locations for college students.

While this came as a surprise to some, it was old news to the UMD Snowboarding Club.

“There are a few reasons Duluth is such a prime location for snowboarders,” club president Logan Goss said. “There are three hills within 20 miles of UMD. That’s ridiculously convenient – it lets people get out and ride when a tight schedule would make it impossible.”

These slopes offer local snowboarders more than just convenience. They offer variety, and a place that is welcoming of many different skill levels. “There’s Spirit Mountain, which is great for families and beginners, Chester Bowl, which is incredibly convenient, and Mont Du Lac, in Superior, which markets to a different crowd,” club vice president Jake Riehle explained.

Whether you’re a snowboarder, a skier, a snow shoer, a snow tube rider, a sledder, or simply love to throw around the occasional snow ball, Duluth has enough snow and slopes to satisfy all your needs!

Day 30 - Winter Wonderland

Day 30 – Winter Wonderland