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Day 9 – Something You’re Reading

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With all this snow, we often feel like we should be cozying up under a fleece Bulldog blanket next to a roaring fire. What goes great with this scenario (other than a steaming cup of hot chocolate)? A good book!

There are many books written about Duluth, the home city to UMD’s campus, and the history of this town is really fascinating. Our current read? Lost Duluth: Landmarks, Industries, Buildings, Homes and Neighborhoods in Which They Stood by Tony Dierckins & Maryanne C. Norton (see picture below).

The description from reads “Discover what Duluth has lost. Through over 400 photographs and sketches of vanished homes, buildings, landmarks, industries, and residential neighborhoods, authors Tony Dierckins and Maryanne Norton take readers on a journey through the citys past, introducing them to the peoplefrom hard-scrabble pioneers to wealthy industrialists to impoverished immigrant laborerswhose ambitions and dreams built the Zenith City on a swamp and a rocky hillside at the head of the Great Lakes.”

Why not give it a page-through and see what you think?

Day 9 - Something Youre Reading

But we’re not done! Yesterday we found out some very exciting news — Head Coach Curt Wiese was announced as a Top 5 Finalist for Division II in the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year contest! If Coach Wiese wins, $70,000 would be awarded to the Duluth community ($50,000 to local charities of Coach Wiese’s choosing and $20,000 to the UMD Alumni Association for student scholarships and programming)! Pretty exciting, huh?

So along with Lost Duluth, we’re also reading the Coach of the Year website, and you should, too! See what the judging criteria is for Coach of the Year, and then continue reading on how to vote for Coach Wiese every day now through December 22!

Day 9 - Something You're Reading

Day 9 – Something You’re Reading