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Help Us Honor Alumni and Friends of UMD

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Help Us Honor Alumni and Friends of UMD

The recently formed UMD Alumni Association (UMDAA) Awards and Recognition Committee is asking for your help with identifying deserving Bulldogs! Jeff Rosenthal (‘07) is heading up the committee and sees the value in recognition. “It’s time to renew our focus on giving awards, and we want to specifically concentrate on the All-University Alumni Service Award. It has been a very long time since someone from UMD has been honored in this way. The Service Award is great, because it recognizes service as a volunteer.” Rosenthal said that he is pleased to have two soon-to-be grads on the committee and is excited that they have an opportunity to get involved with the Alumni Association early on. Rosenthal would welcome additional committee members and emphasizes that they are now actively seeking suggestions for potential award nominees.

In addition to the All-University Alumni Service Award, the UMDAA wishes to confer awards, honors, and recognition upon University of Minnesota Duluth graduates and friends of UMD who have achieved distinction and recognition in public service, who have made a positive impact on their communities through volunteer service, and who continue to strive for the betterment of our university community as a whole.

These awards will be made in a variety of ways following parameters recommended by the UMD Awards and Recognition Committee, and also by adhering to the official established protocol of the University Of Minnesota Board Of Regents and procedures determined by the Senate All-University Honors Committee. By rewarding, honoring, and encouraging such service we will continue to develop the UMDAA mission, which is to foster a spirit of loyalty to the university by engaging, connecting, and celebrating all alumni and friends of UMD. If you know people who meet these criteria and deserve a nomination, please submit your candidate(s) at this link.

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