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Here’s How to Vote for Bob Nielson…

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Here’s How to Vote for Bob Nielson…

Congratulations to Coach Bob Nielson for being selected as a finalist for the 2012 Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year award for Division II!

The final winner for the Coach of the Year title is determined by 20% of fan votes, 55% College hall of fame selection committee votes, and 25% of national media votes. Every single fan vote counts in the final round of voting! You can help Coach Nielson win by voting every single between now and December 20, 2012. If he wins, $50,000 will be given to a charity or charities of Coach Nielson’s choosing and $20,000 will be awarded to the school’s alumni association for student scholarships and programming.

“But how can I vote?” is a question you might be asking yourself. It’s really simple, and we’ve laid out directions on how you can vote every day below:

How to vote for Bob Nielson

1.) Go to
2.) Click on the yellow “Sign in with Twitter to Vote” button.
a.Don’t have a Twitter account? Click on the “New to Twitter? Sign up!” text found below the yellow “Sign In with Twitter” button on the Coach of the Year homepage & follow the instructions.
3.) Authorize the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year app to use your Twitter account. (You will then be automatically re-directed back to the Coach of the Year site.)
4.) Type in ‘Bob Nielson’ or ‘University of Minnesota Duluth’ in the search box. Click on “Bob Nielson – University of Minnesota Duluth”
a. Another option for voting: Scroll down until you have reached the Division II finalists panel, and click on the third box containing a maroon and gold helmet to select and vote for Bob Nielson of the University of Minnesota Duluth.
5.) Click “Tweet Your Vote”.
6.) Repeat steps 1-5 every day until December 20, 2012!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully voted for Bob Nielson, and you’ve put us that much closer to winning the 2012 Coach of the Year title!

We hope you will begin voting for Bob today as the final round of voting ensues! At the same time, we understand it’s a different way of voting and not everyone has a Twitter account or has the desire to start one. We hope you’ll consider jumping on board in support of voting for Coach Bob Nielson and local Duluth charities.

After you’ve voted, be sure to check out what the most Amazing Coach in the World is up to these days. Remember to keep voting!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the UMD Alumni Office at or call 218-726-7164. We’ll be happy to help! You can also help spread the word by ‘liking’ our Coach Nielson fan page on Facebook!