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KUMD Rockin’ the House: Honors & Awards

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KUMD Rockin’ the House: Honors & Awards

Based on the lineup of music and the strength of the broadband frequency, KUMD caught the attention of mtv-U and was chosen to host “College Radio Countdown,” which will air from March 26 – April 1st for an hour each day. Even though it wasn’t a contest that led mtv-U to choose UMD’s very own KUMD radio station for this upcoming musical treat, it was competitive. “We were contacted by mtv-U,” said Ira Salmela, KUMD director of development. ‘We were chosen by them during this inaugural year and we are very proud to be hosts for the show.”

Sam Ginsberg, a business and marketing major as well as KUMD’s assistant marketing director, is overseeing all aspects of the project including video and submission of all the materials to mtv-U. These materials include a one-minute introductory video created by a student production team which will be played multiple times during the week of the countdown, March 26-April 1st. Each hour-long segment will showcase the video, followed by five music videos from KUMD’s top 10. A subsequent airing of the KUMD video will then conclude with the final top five music videos. The Basement’s Music Director, Eric Carlson, will pick popular KUMD music for the weeklong airing. The show will run three times a day for an hours length each time it airs.

Dan Luts, Senior Producer from mtv-U, was quoted in the Duluth News Tribune saying that “KUMD is a station that embodies what college radio should be: engaging and on the forefront of music discovery.” Carlson will have a chance to prove that theory from the collection he has chosen specifically for the countdown.

KUMD has been selected as the “Best Radio Station” in the Northland by the readers of the Reader newspaper, a local publication in Duluth. At the same time, KUMD’s “Northland Morning” host Lisa Johnson tied for first place in the “Best Radio Personality” category. “She wraps her audience in a comfortable blanket of great music,” said Vicki Jacoba, KUMD station manager. “And with that music, she mixes it with information that is soothing and invigorating. She is truly one of a kind. Her personality is so vibrant and passionate, you just can’t ignore it!”

Johnson hosts “Northland Morning” on KUMD every morning Monday through Friday between 6:00 -10:00 am. Her newest success story is her development of the KUMD News Team, which has allowed over 20 students to participate in developing news and public affairs stories for “Northland Morning.” This opportunity has given each of these students professional experience in working in broadcast journalism.

The 8 am hour has become one of the most listened to time periods on KUMD. Johnson focuses on local interest items, bringing in university and community members to share their expertise and knowledge.

Additional Information about KUMD
KUMD was founded in 1956, and has since then become one of the Northland’s beloved media. The station broadcasts with 95,000-watts of stereo sound all across the Northland, reaching listeners up to 100-mile radius from Duluth. KUMD’s programming is also available live online, which attracts listeners from 41 different countries.

KUMD’s play list features an eclectic mix of music including rock, folk, blues and other genres. As an independent alternative public radio station KUMD is also a strong supporter of the local music scene — it plays the music of numerous local bands, offers a venue for interviews and live in-studio sessions for local musicians and also sponsors several area music events.

KUMD relies heavily on community volunteers and UMD students to complete the on-air and promotional work force. The station has over 60 staff personnel with only eight full time paid staff.