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Our Top 10 Reasons to #VoteDuluth

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Our Top 10 Reasons to #VoteDuluth

Duluth needs 15 seconds of your time.

This authentic city is known for enormous green space, blue water, big heart, and being the heart of Bulldog Country. And, now, we’re shouting it from teh top of the Aerial Lift Bridge!

Outside, the outdoor lifestyle magazine, started with 64 great cities and the public has been whittling them down to name the best outdoor city. Duluth, through plucky tenacity, has made it to the finals.

Why should Duluth win this title? It’s one of those rare cities where the fun starts right outside your door. Duluth takes its play seriously. That’s why it maintains 120 green parks, 43 miles of Superior Hiking Trail, 200 miles of bike trail (more to come!) and 7-miles of publicly-accessible sandy beaches. That’s 10,000 acres of urban green space, right in city limits.

Literally, without leaving town, you can climb, ice climb, whitewater kayak, sea kayak, trail run, mountain bike, hike, fish for trout and warm water species, canoe, camp, XC ski, snoeshoe, surf, kite surf, sail, row, bow hunt, road bike and we’re sure we’re missing much, much more…

So what’s left to do? Head over to and do just that — vote Duluth! We can bring it home for the Midwest, for Minnesota, and our adventure city by the unsalted sea. Why are we, the UMD Alumni Association staff, voting for Duluth? Here’s ten (although we could come up with a lot more!).


1.) It’s home to a great university on a great lake – UMD! (And our alumni miss it when they’re gone! How we know? They told us what they’re going to miss most!)



2.) Where else will a mayor dance Gangnam Style in support of local arts. (Right, Mayor Ness?)?



3.) This very city was voted to have the best tasting water AND cleanest air in the state/nation.


4.) As NBC Nightly News put it “Ice on the Beach? No Problem”. A little ice doesn’t stop us from enjoying a beautiful day on the beach!


5.) It’s home to Bulldog men’s hockey, UMD women’s hockey, UMD football, Champ and so much more!


champ for a day 2


6.) Runners from all over the state, nation and world return every year to run Grandma’s Marathon.


gmas marathon


7.) Enjoying all 4 seasons means enjoying views like this every single day, 365 days a year.


4 season of Duluth


8.) AMSOIL Arena was named the No. 1 stadium experience of 2013 by Stadium Journey Magazine.


amsoil arena


9.) Duluth was ranked No. 1 among northern small towns for doctors. (In part because of UMD!)


10.) There was a UMD women’s hockey player on each Sochi Winter Olympic team except for Japan’s.


11.) A Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry was awarded to Brian Kobilka, the first alumni to be honored with this award.


brian kobilka2



(We did say ten reasons, but we also said it would be pretty easy to have more than ten!)

Thank you so much for helping put Duluth on the map of adventure cities. As always, go Bulldogs!

PS – If you didn’t before, here’s the link to #VoteDuluth again!