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Teammates For the Long Run

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Running is a sport of personal drive, motivation, and focus, but it’s also about support.  For these alumni runners, supporting each other through the years of collegiate competitions has built a solid foundation of friendship. Picture below (left to right) are alumni; Kyle Larson ‘12, Taylor Marble ‘11, Rachael Stack ‘11, Sydney Johnston ‘14, and Morgan Place ‘13 (not pictured, Savannah Kent ‘14) at the 2016 Boston Marathon.

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The group first met on the cross-country and track team between 2007–08 and has maintained a close bond ever since. “After running many collegiate races with them to now running a world-class event like the Boston Marathon, it’s like we’re still part of the same team,” stated Taylor.

“We are still there for each other no matter what, encouraging everyone to run their best race, leave it all out on the course and just be the best person you can be, just like we did as Bulldogs.”

These alumni gave the Boston Marathon everything they had. The following are their respective finish times – incredible and UMD proud!

Taylor Marble ‘11 – 3:56
Sydney Johnston ‘14 – 3:50
Savannah Kent ‘14 – 4:12
Morgan Place ’13 – 3:39
Rachael Stack ‘11 – 3:07
Kyle Larson ‘12 – 2:34 (Finished 59th overall)