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Those Who Can, Read the ‘Bridge’

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Those Who Can, Read the ‘Bridge’

With over 60,000 alumni across the country, we want to keep everyone connected through the Bridge magazine. We fill the pages with events, campus updates, great photos and alumni news, as well as success stories about your fellow alum. In the Winter 2013 edition, we trace the paths of several alumni who encompass the bold pathway of ingenuity, creativity, and experience in a variety of fields. Whether you have read the Bridge online or through our print version, we hope you enjoyed the journey from beginning to end.

Go Green!
UMD is committed to sustainability. By doing whatever we can to ensure that UMD is a thriving university providing a high quality education with effective budgets and affordable tuition, all of us can help create a healthier and more environmentally friendly campus to learn, work, and live. The Bridge is available for viewing online in an electronic format. Save a tree and save a dollar by telling us if you’d prefer receiving your next copy of the Bridge electronically. Email your name and address to if you no longer wish to receive a paper copy. If you prefer to receive the printed copy, but did not receive one, please email your current address to and we’ll make sure you get on the list.

Survey Says…
Over 1,000 of you completed a recent survey about our magazine and we appreciate the wonderful feedback you provided which will help guide future editions. The results of the survey revealed that over 60% of the respondents felt that the Bridge strengthened their personal connection with UMD, while the most enjoyed sections were Alumni profiles (77%) and Campus News and Updates (77%).

Those Who Can, Duluth
The new UMD branding rejuvenates our sense of pride. Since graduating from UMD, thousands of you have made a positive impact on our world. On the cover of this issue is Brian Kobilka (’77), honored with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and his ambition to never stop exploring.

Kirsten Kvalsten (’11) also shares her “those who can” story in which her communications major and theater minor translated into work on Capitol Hill.

Guangzhen “Po” Zhou (’91) and his passion for ceramics highlights yet another “those who can” legacy.

These are only a few of the incredible stories shared by alumni who have brought so much to the world after graduating from UMD. We are incredibly inspired by our alumni and look forward to sharing your “those who can” stories!

Along with keeping you informed about how UMD is making an impact around the globe with research, faculty accomplishments, and student achievements, we want this magazine to be a true reflection of our alumni and friends. We love to hear about your volunteer efforts, career promotions, or exciting family events, such as weddings, births, and adoptions. We are always looking for more notes to publish. It’s incredibly easy to contribute a note at — just click on the Contact Us tab, then Update Your Contact Info.

Social Media Outreach
In our increasing efforts to communicate the UMD story, we offer a variety of social media options on our website including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Most recently, we’ve jumped onboard the Pinterest and Instagram platforms. We’ll keep you up-to-date while having fun along the way. Feel free to add your comments to fuel the conversation. We also welcome pictures and UMD memorabilia that could be posted on our website or Facebook page. Do you know somebody who doesn’t receive the monthly View e-newsletter, but wants to stay informed on what’s happening at UMD? Tell them to email us at, and we’ll happily add them to the distribution list.

By the Numbers
View the “alumni map” in the latest issue of the Bridge which gives you, at a glance, an idea of where in the United States groupings of our alumni are located. Take a look where you live and see approximately how many fellow alumni are near you! If you would like us to host a gathering in your area, please let us know! We want to help you connect with each other while keeping you in touch with UMD.

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