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You’re Invited to Share Your Story

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You’re Invited to Share Your Story

Chancellor Black and the UMD Diversity Commission invite you to participate in the campus theme How Did You Come To Be Here? The project aims to look back at how each of us have come to be where, and who we are today by means of our individual history. Some way, some how we all came to the UMD/Duluth/Superior area for a reason. Whether we came to attend an established university, start a job, or to be closer to family, each motive becomes a part of the culture of our community.

Taking the time to look at the history of our families and cultural backgrounds is the first step to understanding how everyone fits together in our community. If we only hear one story from a certain background or from a particular area, we risk a critical misunderstanding. Each person’s individual and family history is not the same as another person’s and to truly understand and comprehend our community’s culture, we must take a look at the unique experiences that have an affect on who we are today.

This project reminds us that knowing who we want to be going forward means knowing who we are now, and how we all came to be here. Share your story with others by chronicling you and your family’s journey to this country, to this area and our university. How Did You Come To Be Here? is about revisiting and celebrating our roots through sharing our stories.

How Did You Come To Be Here? asks three questions of you:
1. How did you come to be here [at UMD] or in the Duluth/Superior area?
2. How did you come to be here in this country?
3. In what ways do your stories and histories impact your present life and future journey?

Take some time to think about your personal history and then submit your response as an addition to the continuing story of UMD’s culture. Read (and listen) to the stories of others to see how the differences between us connect us all here. With a community of more than 11,000 currently on campus and close to 60,000 alumni around the country and the world, there are many more stories to be heard, including yours.